Car Rental In Amman – Orientation Points For Foreign Drivers

One of the many reasons why most travel sites advise you to opt for car rental in Amman instead of seeing the city by travelling in taxis is due to the latter’s almost compulsive urge to rip you off your money. Nevertheless, you will need to familiarize yourself with orientation points in Amman. Here is a brief introduction to Amman city concept.

City of Amman is split to eight one way traffic circles. By learning the essentials of circles, one can without difficulty navigate through Amman without the fear of getting lost.

CIRCLE Number. 1 is thought to be the 1st of a pattern of 8 monumental traffic sectors via eastern side – to the west on Zahran Street. The roundabout is found in the historical district Jabal at the beginning of Rainbow Street.

CIRCLE Nr.2 is made of a massive roundabout that stretches from Rainbow Street further to the western side.

Circle Nr.3 one among the most well-known in Amman. This district is additionally referred to for numerous prominent worldwide accommodations like Hyatt. In this circle can as well be found a down-town office for car rental in Amman by Thrifty Jordan.

CIRCLE Nr. 4 is renowned for Jordanin govermental institutions and foreign embassies. It leads to the Abdoun Bridge that crosses Wadi Abdoun. This ring furthermore connects Northern Amman to the Airport road.

CIRCLE Nr.5 also known as Prince Faisal bin al-Hussein Square. Circle is getting popular by pricey and stylish hotel establishments like Sheraton, Regency and similar as well as recognized Medical centres. In case you have to reach the Regency hotel, you’ll now know that you have to drive a car towards the fifth circle.

CIRCLE NR. 6 links to all seven Ammani hills, called by local Ā»JabalsĀ«. Official name of the sixth circle is Prince Rashid bin el-Hassan Square. You use this circle whenever you need to reach Umm Uthayna and Sweifiyah districts.

CIRCLE Nr.7 is basically called Prince Talal bin Muhammad Square, usually not quite popular by travellers.

CIRCLE Nr. 8 is the final one belonging to the circuit of traffic circles interspersed from east-to-west and is found in the newer division of Amman.