Five Reasons Why Government Car Auctions Are the Best Place to Find a New Car

Government car auctions are growing in popularity, and for good reason. The selection of cars that are sold annually rivals any car dealership, but is not limited by make and model. There are hundreds of choices available at far below retail price, making these auctions the perfect place to shop for a car even when on a strict budget, as well.

Great Selection of Cars Both Locally and Country Wide

There are cars sold in government car auctions all over the world, including in your local area. You can find these auctions online, or by checking local resources such as the county courthouse or sheriff’s office, or you can conduct an online search to locate the auctions. Either way, you are going to find cars such as SUV’s, used government vehicles, trucks, and even RV’s. These cars come from a many different places, but all are priced to sell quickly.

Great Prices

While the price of the car that you are interested in will vary, government car auctions are known for their low prices. Starting bids are often as low as one to five hundred dollars depending on the make and model of the car, giving anyone the opportunity to have a new car without having to spend more than necessary. Even luxury cars will sell for far below their retail value at government auctions.

Quality for Resellers

If you are looking for government car auctions to stock your own used car dealership, then you will love the quality of the vehicles that you find. Many of the vehicles are ready for the sales room immediately, giving you more profits for each car that you buy. Let’s face it, no one wants to spend money, and time, fixing up cars to resell, and government auctions make it possible to skip the repairs altogether.

If you are buying a car from government car auctions for personal use, then the quality is also going to affect you. You won’t have to worry about costly repairs with a little research, and you can have a dependable car that is going to last you for some time to come. While there are going to be some lemons in any auction, government car auctions largely offer high quality cars.

Convenient Online Shopping

In addition to these great benefits, you will also find that you can shop government car auctions online. Online sites that offer government owned cars typically are free to the consumer, but some sites do require an up front buyer’s fee that will vary depending on the site that you use. For the most cost effective option, check through several sites until you are pleased with the selection of cars, reliability of the site, and cost of the buyer’s fees, which are sometimes called registration fees.

Overall, government car auctions are offered at sites that have competitive registration fees that are reasonable enough when you consider the money you will be saving by buying your car at the auction.