How To Choose The Best Infant Car Seat

With such a wide variety of infant car seats on the market these days, how do you decide on the best one that is right for your infant? Penny had this problem, too, and we’re going to follow her in her shopping quest for the best one to buy for her little boy, Danny. Pour yourself a nice cup of coffee, and let’s see what Penny did to make her choice.

We’re going to see how Penny selected the best car seat for Danny. Since she is most concerned for his safety while they’re traveling, mostly in her car, we’ll follow her thought process in her selection. Finally, we’ll see what other choices Penny makes as she considers every aspect of safety and care for her little one as she shops.

The first thing that Penny did was to decide which car seat had the features she wanted. Penny had done a lot of reading about the various manufacturers on the market, and there were some certain features that she knew she wanted. She first chose the seats that had the highest star rating in their advertisements which came from safety tests, customers’ reviews, and popularity of buyers. She also was looking for easy adjustable handles and releases for installing and releasing the seat from the car or from the universal infant car seat carrier. These adjustment latches had to be easy to get to and easy for her to maneuver. It also had to have ample storage compartments so Penny could carry all the baby things that every mother needs to bring along with her precious cargo.

The second thing that Penny was looking for was the protective padding for her infant. As Penny was actually touching and feeling the car seats in the store, she was particularly careful to feel the solid construction and the heavy padding for the support and safety of her baby’s head and body. The seat belt needed to be a 5-point harness to distribute pressure to various parts of her little boy’s body if the need arose. Penny was also looking for the rating charts that showed the tests that the seat was put through for impact from all directions.

Thirdly, Penny wanted to know how she would be able to keep her infant’s seat clean and sanitary. Penny was carefully considering the types of car seat covers that would be available with her purchase choice. Babies want everything in their little mouths, plus they can be pretty messy at times, so having a removable and washable cover was an absolute must in her purchase decision. Anything that baby’s mouth can reach has to be washable, and Penny was finding a nice selection of various colors and materials that made her shopping a pleasant task.

Penny made sure that the choice she made provided the best safety-rating that she could find for her little Danny. She paid close attention to the safety features and the construction, and finally, Penny made sure that she was able to keep everything that her baby could touch clean and sanitary. If you follow Penny’s steps in her shopping for her infant car seat, you might find your shopping experience is easier, too.