Teen Car Insurance – Whats the Best Type of Car to Get For Your New Driver?

Every teenager thinks that the day he starts to drive his or her first car, they have become an adult and it is a sign of independence. Now, the parents cannot postpone the demand of the teen to get them a Car; a car which is fast and has all the luxury gadgets like a Stereo, TV, Car fridge etc. Even the parents feel that by getting a big car, it would be safe for their loved teen. It is true, it is safe, but not for a new driver. In an urban traffic condition, these bigger cars are real trouble creators unless the driver is experienced.

Studies have shown that new drivers are prone to cause accidents ten times more than that of an experienced driver. More over, when the new driver is steering a SUV or sports car, the possibility of causing accidents is much more. The performance cars will always tempt the teen driver to zoom on the road and there are greater chances of getting involved in accidents. Moreover, the Insurance Cost for SUV or sports car is very high, even for experienced drivers!

The cost of a sports car and the insurance cost put together would be really an astronomical figure. Therefore, it is always advisable that the new driver should be advised to take an old car for the time being; till he becomes an experienced adult driver. The insurance payments for an old car is much less and should be affordable.

But, when you take an old car, ensure that all the safety instruments normally required, have been installed. This will protect the new driver as well as the occupants of the car. By installing the safety equipments, the insurance cost can be substantially reduced.

On the other hand, by buying an old car, the teen driver can keep good driving record. If the teen follows the traffic rules diligently, then controlling an old car should not be a problem. So he will be able to maintain good driving record which earns him good discount on Insurance Cost.

The bottom line is the most important thing to think about when considering a car is safety. The safer the car the lower the insurance payments. Don’t get your teen a fast or big car for their first unless you are willing to pay for the car insurance.